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Check with seller Moving Osclass Website To New Hosting Tutorial

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Moving Osclass Website To New Hosting Tutorial

Ok, so you've decided to go to a different hosting, move on from an old slow and c***y one. What steps do you have to perform for successful and painless transition?


Well, Osclass is relatively easy to move to a new hosting, thanks to great design and separation of things like core files, themes/plugins, database and config files. However, some work is required and some steps depend on your hosting plan and type (cPanel yes/no, VPS/DEDI self or fully managed etc.).


This tutorial mainly focuses on cPanel powered and Apache-compatible server hosting, if you use VPS/DEDI and different server software chances are that you already know and are aware of (most of) them.


Here are the basic steps you need to perform:


 On OLD Hosting 


  1. Activate MAINTENANCE mode in Admin Dashboard. We must make sure that no new posts, comments or uploads happen during the transition.
  2. Generate & Download COMPLETE backup from the cPanel, including database. If you do not have this feature in your old hosting plan, create it manually. Download your /osclass/ website via FTP / SFTP, and export Osclass database via phpMyAdmin tool. To speed things up, export database in .zip or .gzip format (depends on version / hosting / availability etc.).


 On NEW Hosting 

  1. Upload your entire /osclass/ folder to /public_html/ or /www/, depending on your options and offerings in the NEW hosting, create a subdirectory and create a new domain / appropriate redirect in cPanel.
  2. Create new empty Database within MySQL Wizard or manually via phpMyAdmin. Create new admin user with permissions to edit/modify all fields in database and assign it to the EMPTY database you just created.
  3. Import old Database using phpMyAdmin import tool. You need to first select your empty database, to make sure data is imported in the correct one. In case of very large databases (>100 MB) you will have to use terminal or send it to your hosting support staff and let them import it for you, instead.
  4. UPDATE /osclass/config.php and .htaccess files if necessary. Particularly pay attention to mysql credentials ( DB_NAME / DB_PASSWORD / DB_HOST / DB_TABLE_PREFIX ) if you changed them during transition and REL_WEB_URL path if you use subdirectory or different path in NEW hosting place / plan. If not in root dir (e.g. public_html) and if you use friendly SEO permalinks, then you need to update your htacess as well. If in root:
     RewriteBase / 
     RewriteRule . /index.php [L] 

    is proper, but if in subdir, then it must be:
     RewriteBase /subdir/ 
     RewriteRule . /subdir/index.php [L] 
  5. Related to above .htaccess file mods, you (probably) have to enable some mechanism for PHP to communicate with outside world (some plugins or features like captcha depend on it!). One way is to use allow_url_fopen directive or cURL. In some hosting systems they are enabled by default, in others not. You can always try this in your .htaccess file first:
    php_value allow_url_fopen On

    While at it, you might also increase PHP memory and file upload size limits (optional):
    php_value memory_limit 256M
    php_value upload_max_filesize 32M

    Note that support for above switches depends on your hosting! Contact support for help.

  6. EMAIL SERVER setup - don't forget to properly set email server parameters in Osclass Admin Dashboard; visit your cPanel or contact support for details. You will have to re-create email accounts and passwords. Also see related DNS stage below.
  7. CRON SETUP - If you do not use internal Osclass Cron feature (async crone), don't forget to setup NEW cron jobs in your NEW hosting cPanel (or VPS) - you might have problems if you don't!
  8. Delete .maintenance file in /osclass/ root dir via FTP or disable maintenance mode in Admin Dashboard.


  • Go to your DOMAIN control panel (where you purchased your osclass domain - e.g. myosclasswebsite.com) and update your DNS servers IP addresses for A / AAAA records, MX EMAIL, FTP, SPF, DKIM etc.

 DONE ! 


Transfer is now completed, and after DNS propagation period (1-96 hours) your new hosting will be active. Keep old hosting files for several weeks just in case, as a secondary backup.


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