Welcome to Osclass.Work - This website is for demonstration purposes only
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Osclass.Work - Terms & Conditions

osclass.work domain serves as a demonstration website. All content presented here is not real (e.g. items listed for sale, offered services, etc. are not real).

Content is provided for demonstration purposes of our plugins and code snippets to demonstrate certain functionality in Osclass CMS.

You are free to test all of them with certain restrictions:

1. You are not allowed to post spam, illegal or malicious content during testing.

2. All items are being monitored and regularly deleted. Your personal account information is removed usually within 24 hours after registration. Interesting items posted by some users may be kept if we find them useful, but all personal information will be replaced with our internal demo account.

3. Inactive accounts failed to complete registration are removed without prior notice.

4. Your activity is being logged as explained in our Privacy Policy page in order to protect our website from misuse. We remove any account personal information (e.g. your email address) after a short period of time.

By accepting these terms you give explicit consent that you acknowledge and accept them.

Disclaimer: This website is not affiliated with Osclass.org and Osclass.com. This content is for demonstration purposes only.
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