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HTML Editor Demo

  • Supports ITEM EDIT/POST pages? - Yes!
  • My CUSTOM FIELDS? - Yes!
  • USER PUBLIC PROFILE pages? - YES, that too!
HTML Editor plugin brings some new cool & exciting features!

Thanks to embedded CSS technology new version achieves almost 100% accurate rendering of the results (what user see is exactly what user will get!).

Additionally, administrators now can separately allow external media (images, audio & video) from external sources (to save bandwidth and storage on your website) with professional article publishing capability!

All these and much more are coming with HTML Editor for Osclass!

[ * ] Comparison with old RichEdit plugin is here: RichEdit Example
[ * ] This DEMO displays new plugin version features, as requested by users:
  • embedding external images (e.g. to save disk & bandwidth from your website)
  • iframes from pre-approved sources only (server-side validation)
Image/Video media options are disabled by default after plugin installation and can be separately enabled for frontend users and/or admins, including frontend accounts when admin is already logged-in @ backend.
Standard allowed HTML elements: div, pre, span, br, hr, a, b, strong, em, i, p, h1*, h2*, h3, h4, h5, h6, ol, ul, li, sup, sub, table, tbody, thead, tfoot, th, tr, td

Standard allowed CSS properties: color, background-color, text-align, text-decoration, list-style-type

Allowed elements & properties are re-adjusted depending on plugin configuration / settings.

The main reason why most CSS is forbidden is because rules are defined in external .css file included with the plugin. This way you have control of the overall uniform appearance, preventing potential abuse (e.g. abnormal text/font size, extreme width/height and similar nonsense).

Everything else will be validated on server side and stripped-down (removed) to plain text.

In case of several most dangerous HTML tags user will be returned to item editing stage with warning message(s), preventing user to even publish such an item. If you disable this option in plugin settings, final stage will clean it up and publish silently, without any disturbance.

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